Create your own design


How does Aero Designer work?
When we receive your idea for a new product we add it to our list of potential new products. We research what it would take to make the part and how much con sumer demand there is. If we're able to determine a high enough level of consumer demand then we'll put the part into production.

What if I've created my own rendering of the part I'd like to see made?
Fill out the application form by clicking the link below. On the form you will find a section to upload any images from your computer. Submit as many images as you can to help give us a complete view of the part.

How long will it take to find out if you're going to use my idea?
All suggestions are reviewed within 5 business days. Due to the many variables associated with creating a new part, final decision on whether or not a part will be manufactured often varies.

Do I get anything if you use my idea for a new kit?
Compensation for the use of your idea will be discussed with the designer on a case by case basis.

What if you decide to not use my idea, but I still want to have the part made?
Extreme Dimensions, Inc. offers private label manufacturing for those looking to create their own aerodynamic parts. For more information on private-label manufac turing please click   HERE .